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        Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Internal employees are the intended audience for the jobs available below. For most SGEU (PS/GE) and CUPE positions, there is an obligation under the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements to consider all internal candidates prior to considering members of the general public. The jobs below include those that, in all likelihood, will be filled internally, as well as those that are available to the Public.

If you are not an employee of the Government of Saskatchewan, your chance of success is greater by applying for Jobs Available to the Public.

Due to a hiring freeze announced on November 22, 2016, many of our competitions have been placed on hold.  Competitions will be posted as they are approved to proceed.  Please keep an eye on the Career Centre for updates.

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These definitions will help you understand the terminology used in public service job competitions, as well as the staffing process.


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