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          Friday, July 10, 2020
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        How It Works

  • The Summer Student Program offers students the opportunity to expand their work experience while contributing to their financial needs.

  • Our central database contains 11 different application forms that students can submit, based on the nature of summer student work that the Government of Saskatchewan offers.

  • Students can submit one or multiple application forms depending on their interests, qualifications, and experience, and will receive a confirmation email once each application form is submitted.

  • Basic information, such as e-mail address and telephone number are required for each application. Specific questions - such as education, certifications, or qualifications - vary between applications, depending on the nature of the work.

  • As a summer student job becomes available, the hiring manager submits a request for students to the Summer Student Program Coordinator. The Summer Student Program Coordinator searches the central database for students who match the position’s requirements, and refers them to the hiring manager for consideration.

  • Managers only contact those students they wish to interview/assess. Due to the volume of students who apply, not all students can be contacted.

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